Our main goal is to empower organizations worldwide in order to  become more digitalized. Therefore, we provide digitalization services in three main areas; product design, communication, and commerce.

Product design

From idea to MVP, we design both physical product and HMI+UX of the system. At MERPHI, we follow a user centered design process and perform several user interviews. As a result,  we make sure that the form and the functionality of the final product is firstly, desired by the users. Secondly, is useful for the society. Thirdly, is friendly to the environment and lastly, it is properly functional.


In communication, we help our clients achieve digital excellence by implementing relevant tools and strategies, enabling efficent and accurate communication to your end-user. Accuracy, efficiency, and relevance are key!


Implementing relevant solutions to your custommer audience is our speicality! By combining the competencies of all our teams, we create a multidisciplinary task force capable of developing technical and converting commerce solutions.


In pursuit of liberalizing digital solutions, Merphi, in collaboration with Nyföretagarcentrum Lerum and Sparbanksstiftelsen Alingsås aimed to create an educational platform enabling small businesses to reap the benefits of digital tools.

Phimer is one of our inhouse projects that we develop. It´s an ongoing project not yet released to the public, but once it´s done, the platform will enable easier project management in consultancy firms.

At Merphi we love new and creative ideas! We understand that we won’t solve all the problems ourselves, but we can be a part of the solution. Therefore, we are inviting you and your idea to us so that we together can make the world a better place!