Social media management and digital work processes for Lerum Municipality

In connection with a staff loss at the business unit, the unit was looking for a consultant who could take over existing work tasks and at the same time identify the potential for improvement in the work processes. Merphi won the assignment, and our tasks involved the development of a communication plan, establishing work processes, and finally implementing digital communication. (Social media management).


From the very beginning, it was important to work with implementing the unit’s digital communication. There was no time to prioritize a communication plan before implementing the digital communication, but the work needed to be carried out in a parallel and agile way. This proved to be advantageous because the consultant in connection with the implementation got to know the unit and identify from an early stage improvement potential. Thanks to agile project management, the improvements could also be implemented directly in the communication plan.

Development of digital work processes and governing documents.

Visit Lerum A large part of the unit’s communication via social media (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn). Some complexity was introduced when the same material was communicated on all platforms, at the same time as the municipality’s communication unit needed to revise all material. Merphi’s consultant quickly identified that the work processes needed to be documented and reworked to deliver efficiently.


The solution was to design clear governing documents that the business unit managed each brand. These were: Visit Lerum, Full focus, Upp och Poppa, and the unit’s brand. Each control document contained a clear graphic profile integrated into the Canva software platform to facilitate work regardless of where the staff is and compile all information in one place. Furthermore, the control documents also contained a comprehensive overview of all work processes to avoid miscommunication internally and the publication of unaudited material. The control documents also provide the unit with an effective tool for recruitment as the documents can be used when onboarding new staff.


As the unit had important communicative tasks to perform from the start, the consultant needed to get to grips with the work quickly. The unit lacked clear governing documents; the unit transferred experiences through efficient and structured meetings. After that, Merphis’ consultant began work on social media management and everything that is included. The work with the unit’s social media involved the creation of graphic material, copywriting, photography, and project planning.


An example of a normal working day for the consultant could look like this.


1. The week before, the material for next week must be ready and revised by the municipality’s project manager and the communication unit. This is to avoid friction in implementation and to work proactively.

2. All graphic material was created in Canva, where the consultant has previously created a graphic profile for each brand. This optimizes the time to design new material and ensures that the graphic profile is correct.

3. In connection with the event, the consultant photographed and compiled notes for future publications.

4. All material was documented easily accessible to the municipality’s project manager.


The above tasks are part of a design of several work processes tailored to the business unit’s needs. If you are interested in a similar project, please contact Philip Berlin who was the project manager,

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