New website for Lerum Fisk

A new website that matches the new brand identity.

New Website for a Swedish fish store

Lerum Fisk needed a update from the previous website with a touch of their new Brand identity

Lerum Fisk came to us for help with revamping their prevoius website. Some of the new features they required was a ordering form, daily updates and a website that is easy to use. We of course listened to our customers needs and gave them a fully functioning website with all of the function they wanted.

A User friendly website

Good user experience both users and for the company themself

A website needs to be user friendly for the end users, but you cannot forget the other way around. It was very important that the website was easy to use both for the users, but also for Lerum Fisk who updates the website daily. One of their requirement was to change the information on the website easly and change the daily prices. That’s why we created an enviroment for Lerum Fisk so they can use the website on their own. 

Lerum Fisk branding

Responsive? Yes!

A web page that does not work on all devices is not the right way

One of the most important parts of web development is that the website should be responsive. All websites should work on all devices! Lerum Fisk is no exception. The website fits good on desktop, tablet och mobile devices. All of their customers must have the opportiynty to visit their website, no matter what device they use. 

A user friendly ordering form for Lerum Fisk

A ordering form both for daily use and on special holidays.

Before Lerum Fisk contacted us, they recieved alot of orders on their phone and on Facebook. A good solution for this was to create a ordering form on the website, so it were easy for the users to order what they want. We created a ordering form on specific popular products so people can easliy order instead of calling or write on Facebook. As a reslut, it facilited both for the end users and for Lerum Fisk.

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