Lures Swimming their ways from Amazon to E-Shop

The story of Animated Lure who needed a new E-shop integrated with their Amazon shop. This case also includes UX, branding, rendering etc. MERPHI acted as a one-stop-shop to provide them with a variety of services. 

Animated Lure, a unique startup!

The world’s first self-swimming lure

Animated Lure is a USA based startup. They had an innovative idea; To make a self-swimming fishing lure. The product is a finishing bait that is electronically programmed to mimic the life-like swim patterns of a real fish. It provides entertainment while luring in fish by its life-like swim patterns, life-like appearance, sound, and vibration. They started with fundraising on Kickstarter and now they have scaled and loved by their customers. Talented team of Animated Lure appeared on Shark Tank. In addition, their video had 30 million views on social media. 

Scaling cause pain!

After scaling up, Animated Lure saw a need to revamp their existing e-shop and retouch their brand identity. Therefore, the collaboration of Animated Lure and MERPHI started with developing an E-shop which can be integrated with their Amazon shop and fulfill the orders automatically. On the other hand, they intended to appear stronger on Amazon so it was important that the brand be coherent among all the platforms. 

MERPHI consultants considered Animated lure as a case of e-commerce, marketing and branding. 

Amazon to E-Shop MERPHI

Lures Swimming from Amazon to the E-shop

Integration of E-shop and Amazon

This project had 3 phases that each phase was correlating to a different competence. As the first phase, 89 articles (Different types of Lures) were added to the E-shop. Challenge of the project was to create an API for the e-shop to communicate with the Amazon shop and do the fulfillment automatically. On the other hand, the complexity was that we had several Amazon shops for different countries and also the website was required to sell the products internationally. MERPHI solved this case by using one of the Shopify’s native solutions. 

As an extension to the phase 1, Since Animated Lure already had a website, the domain transfer and back-end work was also included in this phase.  

During the second phase, MERPHI UX team concentrated on wireframing and enhancing the user experience of the website. At the same time, the branding team created a new brand and graphical identity for Animated Lure. Finally, the UI of the website was created based on the new graphical identity. 

We performed several tests to make sure that the connection is working properly. In conclusion, the E-shop and branding went hand to hand and were prepared to be published. 

When it comes to brand, it should be cohesive!

Third phase was targeted on creating a coherent graphical identity and at the same time, increase the brand awareness on Amazon. Therefore, we created a set of graphic templates, in combination with a series of rendering and animation. As a result, there is a continuation of brand and graphic identity among all the sales platform. 

Amazon to E-Shop MERPHI
Amazon to E-Shop MERPHI
Amazon to E-Shop MERPHI

We grow together

An E-shop requires continuous support and development

Our collaboration with Animated Lure did not finish here. We will keep developing the E-shop with the new products and news. Moreover, brand is a living element, so that the it requires constant modifications to stay relevant to the market trends. 

Mehrdad Farimani
Mehrdad Farimani


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