A purposeful rebranding project for Lerum Fisk.

Lerum Fisk asked us for a new website, but we soon identified the importance of rebranding the client in order to reach their desired goals.

The importance of branding for Lerum fisk.

They wanted a simple website, we recommended a thorough update on the brand before touching the website.

The importance of branding for Lerum fisk. Lerum Fisk asked us for a new website, but we soon identified the importance of branding the client in order to reach their desired goals. When Lerum Fisk approached us they initially wanted a new website and the goal of reaching out to a wider demographic including the younger generation, quite soon we identified the need to rebrand the client in order to reach these goals. While researching the client, their demographics, and competitors, we identified a possible need to make some changes to their branding in order to make the client stand out for all the right reasons amongst other nearby fish mongers and become the first choice for fresh fish in Lerum. In addition, some things would need to change in order to attract the younger consumer.


Lerum Fisk branding

Who is Lerum Fisk?

The first choice for fresh fish in Lerum.

Lerum Fisk is the local fish monger in Lerum, a smaller municipality just outside Gothenburg. The two business partners have many years of experience in the fish industry as well as the restaurant industry, which gives them an edge. Fresh, high quality produce and excellent customer service is what you will find at Lerum Fisk.

More than just a new logo for Lerum Fisk​

Change can be scary, but it might be what's needed to extend your consumer base.​

This part of the project resulted in a brand new look for the client. The logo was reworked, the colour palette changed, custom graphics were designed, unique typography added, and the strategy was optimised all based on thorough research, trend analysis, primary research including interviews and surveys. A brand book was also produced and given to the client so that they could maintain the new strategy and brand identity on their various media outlets. Project was executed in close collaboration with the client which enabled us to educate them where needed. This delivery and end goal would need some changes from the clients side too in order to have a purposeful change. Their new brand can be seen on their new clothes, shop window, Facebook and Instagram pages, and their brand new website. Getting the client to understand the importance of branding and how to work with new strategies has been a key part of this project.

Lerum Fisk branding

What happened after the delivery?

The brand is a living phenomena, and so is the collaboration with the client.

Since the delivery of the project we have continued to work closely with Lerum Fisk. Supporting them in any queries they’ve had as they implemented the brand across their different medias. We have delivered “how to” guidelines for social media and website functions, we added an ordering function to their website as a means to minimise the 

amount of time spent on the phone taking orders coming up to Christmas and other times of stress. 



Click here to visit Lerum Fisk Website

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